Afghanistan’s current divisive politics require an immediate solution

Written by: Muqtasid Starai -Translation:  Jandad Jahani

Shah Ghazi Amanullah Khan, the king of Afghanistan, envisioned his country as democratic and progressive. However, the nation’s tumultuous history has undermined his aspirations for independence. As the country presently grapples with an unprecedented economic crisis, it is essential to comprehend the extent of Afghanistan’s political division.
No nation can achieve economic growth without establishing political stability, for it is political steadiness that ensures the continuity of economic policies. Political stability enhances investors’ confidence, bolstering all economic sectors. Conversely, persistent political instability hinders economic growth prospects.
Politics, even if conducted under the banner of democracy, is futile when faced with the economic hardship endured by citizens.
Currently, Afghanistan’s situation is more perplexing than ever. On one side, the existing regime has fragmented politics and society through public policy. On the other, the economy, largely dependent on foreign aid, demands fundamental reforms. These are challenging to execute amidst a politically divided environment.
Groups that have stemmed from the seed of imperialist terrorism, recognized by international law and the Afghan populace as terrorists, lack national legitimacy. Efforts to rename the streets of Kabul in Arabic or to obliterate Afghanistan’s national signs and symbols are attempts to justify their illicit presence.
The ruling party in the nation is essentially a toxic neodemocratic project of Western colonialism, growing more complex and horrifying with each passing day.
If the ongoing political conflict and economic crisis persist, the country risks a catastrophic disaster, which would be virtually impossible to avert or control. To mitigate this, all political actors and parties must foster a spirit of understanding and tolerance.
The onus now lies more than ever on Afghan politicians to act judiciously, respect one another, and take inclusive measures for the populace’s welfare and the nation’s complete sovereignty and independence.
National, progressive, and republican political parties and individuals in Afghanistan should unite under a mechanism that aligns with the fundamental principles of politics. All political parties must consent and commit to this mechanism to regulate political competition and resolve disputes through compromise, embodying genuine national reconciliation.
Primarily, a consensus on critical national agenda issues – the economy, national security, and foreign policy – must be established by nationalists and republicans. This consensus should supersede differences of opinion among key parties.
There’s no reason why leaders can’t unite to prevent disaster. All national moderate and republican political parties and individuals, instead of engaging in political vendettas, should collaborate and compete to solve problems in the national interest, demonstrating the courage for forgiveness and tolerance. Such a collaborative approach could put an end to the ongoing disaster.
Currently, Afghanistan desperately requires a political leader capable of fostering consensus among the Afghan nationalist and republican parties abroad. For this, Afghan politicians should seek the support of a politically friendly nation.


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