Serve me a bit of water; I am burning

Written by Muqtasid Starai

It is very strange that the land that our fathers and grandfathers sacrificed for has now become so weak that their sons and grandsons do not have the right to live in the same land because they have been divided among themselves, so to speak. What will be the answer to others’ questions?
Do you see when a Pashtun Afghan brother goes to visit another Pashtun Afghan brother how much he is disrespected at the gate of Chaman and how the borders of Chaman, Torkham, and Angor Ada Transit Port are closed with ordinary words?
Whose crops and fields are settled along the Kunar River? And when Nakamura came to benefit from this river, who killed him?
Why is the scanner out of order every two days a week during the export of fruits and vegetables by Afghanistan?
Because of this, millions of rupees are lost to Afghan businessmen, but when it is profitable for them, this route is open day and night, and Pakistan can trade with Uzbekistan through this route without any restrictions or formal agreement.
On the other hand, in such a rich country, an Afghan young man said, “Kami ab biar ka sokhtam,” which means serve me a bit of water; I am burning.” They shouted because he does not have the idea of his authority in his own land, and he always brings evil to his home in order to protect the interests and values of foreigners.
Our jealousy is only limited to fratricide, but we are looking for expediency to bomb Kunar and Khost or help Iran destroy its dams. Afghanistan needs many friends in the region and around the world, but this does not mean that it should give its territory and its authority to others.
Afghans should have their own authority on their land and should not feel fear from anyone.
Afghanistan’s position should be very clear in exchange for the warning of Iran’s demand for water, and that is that Iran and Afghanistan signed an agreement on the use of Helmand water in 1351, and based on that, the annual amount of water that flows to Iran has been determined.
The agreement of 1351 is the best and most accepted international agreement, and the governments of Afghanistan should show their full commitment to controlling their waters along with the implementation of this agreement.
Iranian officials always emphasise that the lack of water in Helmand has a negative impact on the environment in Sistan and Baluchistan provinces on the border with Afghanistan.
However, the Afghan government does not have any such commitment with Iran, as if Iran should take the necessary water from the Helmand River to irrigate the lands of Sistan and Balochistan and the city of Zahedan.
According to the agreement between the Afghan representative and Prime Minister Shahid Mohammad Musa Shafiq and the representative of Iran, Prime Minister Amir Abbas Hoveda, based on international water principles, Iran will take its right to water at 22 cubic metres per second. But Zahir Shah added four more cubic metres due to good neighbourliness, which reached a total of 26 cubic metres.
This agreement has about 12 articles, in which it is stated in the fifth article that Afghanistan has the right to all the remaining waters in any way it wants. But the fact is that Iran first built one canal, then four canals that store 55 cubic metres of water per second, and now nine canals that store 150 cubic metres of water per second. Returning to Nimroz is now closed because Iran supplies this water to Zahedan and Kerman.
Iran’s repeated disputes over water are actually aimed at obtaining more rights from Afghanistan, and they want to increase political pressure for new negotiations and changes in the articles of the 1351 agreement.
In this regard, the position of the Afghan government should be as clear as ever, as the President of the Republic of Afghanistan, Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, gave a clear answer to the objections of the Iranian authorities at the opening ceremony of the Kamal Khan Dam. He said that what was specified in the water agreement between Iran and Afghanistan will be implemented, and beyond this, additional water will be given to Iran in exchange for oil.
This is because our water is our eyebrow, and the more the government of Afghanistan shows its authority over its water and natural resources, the more Afghans will have the opportunity to enjoy a dignified life and development along with the reasonable use of their land.


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