The Analogy of the Empires

By: Faheem Nazimi 

The analogy of the empires I would differ. The US is at the core of globalization, and the key issue here is that the US is still and will be at least for the next 10 years in a position to write the rules of the globalization. The US is and has been unique that it has not been a conservative power.  In fact, it seems to have been a radical power in the sense it has been wanting the expansion of the same rules of the game, i.e., the same economic system liberalism the ideology of the advanced industrial societies, the Capitalism and democracy to the rest of the world. Whereas British’s empire for instance or the other empires have never wanted what they had internally for themselves for the rest of the world. Let’s remind ourselves what other conqueror has behaved like the US to come with Marshall plan to have hit the imagination of the world after the second world war. So, the prosperity of both Europe, Germany and East-Asia owe enormous amount to the leadership of the United States right after the World War 2. Because they were able to think on a much broader scale. So, what we need the same level of imagination that was then brought to Europe and East Asia and the rest of the world. This is what the Afghans were also expecting to happen in Afghanistan, alas it was brought by the wrong sort of the politicians and fell in the wrong hands. Unfortunately, it proved futile. I still hope that the economic capabilities of Afghanistan can be harnessed to make globalization inclusive, and the US must take the lead.


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