AFGHANISTAN: Land of Mountains and Dreams


Land of Mountains and Dreams:

Stories from Afghanistan Poem

In a land where mountains touch the sky so high,
A place of wonder, where tales never die.
Afghanistan’s the name, where stories find their way,
A land of ancient wonders, where dreams hold sway.

From Kabul’s bustling streets to Kandahar’s warm embrace,
A mix of different cultures, in this amazing space.
With every step you take, history does unfold,
In Afghanistan, where tales are treasured, we’re told.

Beneath the blazing sun, where people work and strive,
In rugged lands, where only the strongest survive.
Their hands have shaped a place, wild and free,
In Afghanistan, where unity’s the key.

The Panjshir Valley’s meadows, so green and wide,
A tranquil paradise, where dreams coincide.
In opulent bazaars, where treasures always gleam,
In Afghanistan, where hopes shine like a beam.

The Silk Road’s ancient path through desert sands,
Connecting hearts and distant lands.
Trade and knowledge, shared with grace,
In Afghanistan, where different cultures find their place.

Through history’s twists and turns, through trials and strife,
With wars and conflicts testing life.
Yet, resilient spirits always find a way,
In Afghanistan, where hope leads the day.

From Herat’s grandeur to Bamyan’s ancient eyes,
Beneath the starry Afghan skies.
A land of joy, a land of sorrow,
In Afghanistan, there’s hope for tomorrow.

The call to prayer, a soothing sound,
In towns and villages, all around.
In mosques and shrines, devotion’s pure,
In Afghanistan, faith’s the ultimate cure.

The Hindukush’s peaks, where eagles take flight,
In nature’s beauty, there’s pure delight.
The colors of sunset, a breathtaking view,
In Afghanistan, there’s always something new.

So, let’s celebrate this land so grand,
With hearts of silver and golden sand.
In Afghanistan, where history’s unfurled,
A place of endless stories in a changing world.

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