Over 24,000 Herat families still homeless 6 months after earthquake: UN

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The Coordination Office for Humanitarian Assistance of the United Nations announced that 24,800 Herati families affected by the earthquake are living in tents and temporary shelters.

This UN-affiliated body emphasized in a statement on its social media platform X that the earthquake-affected families in Herat should not be forgotten.

According to the statistics of this office, 40,000 houses were destroyed, and 275,000 people were affected by the earthquakes in Herat.

The UN’s Humanitarian Assistance Coordination Office says humanitarian efforts in this province continue, but urgent action is needed.

In the consecutive earthquakes in Herat, hundreds of people, especially children and women, have lost their lives each month.

Six months after the deadly earthquakes in this province, earthquake survivors still need help, but due to the Taliban’s rule, world countries are not inclined to play an active role in assisting the affected.

Earlier, the Red Cross Committee had emphasized the urgent need for shelter in Herat, stating that earthquake victims need safe and warm shelter.

On the other hand, some Herat residents say that the Taliban and UN agencies have not adequately accounted for the assistance provided by international organizations and various countries to the earthquake victims in Herat.

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